I’m a Senior Game Designer and an educator. In the studio and the classroom I cultivate an atmosphere of openness and team cohesion. My specialty is creating rapid prototypes to quickly convey a strong vision and set a clear course for the project. You’ll find me chatting with engineers about vector math for spring-based cameras, crafting feel with animators and UI artists, and creating unique solutions to complex design dilemmas.

With over 10 years in the industry — from co-founding an indie studio, to working at larger companies as an artist and senior game designer on AAA projects — my passion for making games has only grown. I bring an extreme level of dedication to game design with a wide breadth of experience in every aspect of development. Throughout my career I’ve had the fortune to share my passion for game development with hundreds of students and mentees.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to chat.

Senior Game Designer


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Game Designer & 3D Artist


Naixela Software
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“Working in the same department as Ian, it is obvious that he is an extraordinary educator and leader. The most palpable evidence is demonstrated in the respect he is shown from each of his students. He is also obviously the most popular Instructor in our department among students. If Ian is in his office, it is a very safe bet that there are four or five students crammed in there with him gleaning knowledge and advice. I’m certain that retention among his students is very high.

Ian’s leadership, creativity and enthusiasm don’t stop outside the classroom. He has given of his time to numerous college committees and task forces. I am currently collaborating with Ian on our annual Program Assessment task force. He is a pleasure to work with, and he brings an intelligent perspective to our tasks. If Ian is going to work on a project, it will be to complete productive goals. He is not one to look for the easiest way out, or to involve himself in busy-work. His experience in the game design industry, and his continued involvement in professional organizations and activities serve as an example to his students of how to create a successful career.

…He is an asset to the college, and I feel fortunate to have him as a colleague.”

Stephen Osborn Instructor, Creative Media Technology, NMSU-DACC October 10, 2016

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